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How To Take Proper Care Of Your Fur Coat

Your fur coat, fur jacket, and specialty outerwear are valuable and deserve fine care.Allow your Fur coat or other garments proper space in a closet. Never keep your fur coat or other valuable coat in a plastic bag. Your fur coat requires proper air circulation; Use a cloth bag when traveling or transporting your fur coat to and from cold storage. The smell of both moth and cedar balls often adhere to fur coats and creates horrible odors.Proper cleaning and conditioni... … Continue readingHow To Take Proper Care Of Your Fur Coat

What Is an Essential Fat?

These fatty acids exist in and are used in every cell of your body. So they are crucial to a cell's health and therefore to our health as people. The good news is that in North America, you generally get enough Omega -6 in your diet. Omega-3 has presented a question mark to researchers. Are we getting enough or not? … Continue readingWhat Is an Essential Fat?